Fatal Clichè project was born in March 2011. From the beginning our goal was to write our music tryng to broadcast to our listeners our passion for one of the biggest and powerful communication tool: the music! Expecially we love the fast rhytmics and phrasings typical in power metal, also the more melodic arrangements typical in symphonic metal, but we also love to treat in our lyrics current themes, our feelings. We rarely use “fantasy” lyrics as in typical power metal. We always attempt to give to our songs an originality streak, without remaining chained only to a single musical sort, but scouting more musical genres. This allows us to have fun with our songs, either during the recording phases or on stage, beacuse music should be also a game, a challenge to ourselves or to our creativity. So this led us to record our first EP in the latter 2013.
During these years we were glad to share our music with many great Italian bands (Temperance, Evenoire, Lightless Moor, Deceit Machine, and many more) during some litlle italian tours (Milano, Cagliari, Saronno, Lodi)and during the first international experiences (Bucarest 2015). These experiences taught us a lot of things and allow us to improve every day! After some line-up cange during the first years, we reached our final line-up and in august 2017 and released our debut album, Commonplays.